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To contact our Support Team, choose the most convenient channel for yourself: live chat or email.


Live chat is the fastest way to get a response from us. As soon as you send us a message there, one of the Managers who are online will react shortly. We recommend using it for urgent cases.

To start a chat, follow these simple steps:

    1. Go to your Profile page;
    2. Click on the Support Team icon in the lower right corner;
    3. Click on the green icon of Live Chat;
    4. Click on the “Send us a message” button;
    5. Type in your question. Describe your issue as detailed as possible. It will save us the time we could spend asking clarifying questions and allow us to find a solution way faster.


If your case is not urgent, we recommend you send an email to

Here are some tips on how to prepare an efficient email and get assistance faster based on the type of issue you’ve faced:

  • Something is not working correctly on the platform. If you’re using the desktop version, specify what operating system and browser you use.  If possible, take screenshots that show what kind of issue appears;
  • Issues with payments for Premium Services. Describe what kind of issue you’ve faced. Specify important details: what package you bought, what payment method you used, sum, date of the payment, depositor’s name. It’s best to attach a payment receipt copy or debit alert proof. This will help us a lot to assist you faster.
  • Scam case. If you’ve faced a scam or you have suspicions that one of the users may deceive people, please tell us about it in your email. Share a link to the profile or store of such a user, and describe all the details you have. If possible, attach screenshots of your conversations and other pictures or materials that can prove your words. The more information we have, the higher chances we can take all the necessary steps faster.

Why don’t we provide phone support?

With all the screenshots and details we need to assist you, it’s clear that we’re able to do that in a more efficient manner through chat and email. These methods for support also help us keep detailed records of all your requests and be on the same page with you at all times.

General Information

An online marketplace is a place where people buy from people. It’s like a local market, but with one difference: you can buy and sell online without even leaving a room. More than that, here you can also find a job or order services from Nigerians that are close to you.

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